Despite her risqué workout outfits, Lisa Marie has some amazing at home workouts and healthy living advice for getting your best body at home for free!

If you can look past her big fake boobs, she is actually a very caring fitness guru who will woop your butt into shape!

I found this workout from her facebook page that is aimed at those who are beginning to shape their bodies like me!

Check out the video and as she says, "Give it a go".

Jan. 24

My current problem area (that is the most obvious) is what I like to call the "Baker belly". It's when you look as if you have a constant food baby. I am unfortunate enough to rarely ever have a flat stomach. I want to rid my stomach of this horrid pouch before my wedding day! I have less than 9 months and I am willing to give any workout a try!

So here's today's workout!

Yes, this workout requires am Ugi ball, but you can opt for using a medicine ball of any size instead, or simply do the moves from the ground. You can also do these moves using a Bosu ball.

If you are interested in getting your own Ugi Ball, (and I promise they are worth the money) get one here!

Here are some great replacements suggested and tried by a BodyRock fitness user.

One fitness ball maker created an "Ugly Ball" and provides instructions how to make your own! So for the preferred DIY maker, check out this link! 

Ugi is even being used at fitness centers!

So are you ready to start your Ab workout today?

Click on the Ab link and get ready to sweat!



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